Saturday, March 10, 2012

aamp (An Accurate Module Player)

So I finally pull my thumb out and release my old module player. There is certainly code left from 10 years ago, but most were rewritten during the summer of 2004 and 2005. But it isn't until now I've made a decent command-line interface for it.

It should have quite accurate .XM (FastTracker 2) and .S3M (ScreamTracker 3) playback, better than most other players and libraries out there. Support for .MOD and .MTM modules is there, but not to the same degree of accuracy because of all different trackers available for MOD. I've spent quite a lot of time fixing bugs and comparing against other players. XMPlay would be the most accurate I've tried, but hopefully mine isn't too bad either. Anyway, if you find any bugs just let me know and I will happily fix them.
  For now just a Windows executable, but compiling for Linux and other platforms should be fairly trivial (I've had it working on Linux before). I'm also planing a mobile version.

aamp v1.0 - 32-bit x86 for Windows
aamp v1.0 - 64-bit x86-64 for Windows

7 April: Recompiled x86 and x86-64 executables.

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