Friday, January 15, 2010

True-Type Fonts

I've added support for true-type fonts using stb_truetype, a minimalistic public domain library written by Sean Barrett. While working it's still an early implementation so some polish still needs to be done. The code for loading and raster glyphs is really small and simple. However, as you can see the anti-aliasing doesn't look very good. Could be a problem on my side so I'm gonna look into it sometime. I've a also done a fairly sophisticated font cache where glyphs are more or less optimally packed when needed.

On the subject of public domain libraries I can also recommend stb_image for loading bmp, tga, png, jpeg without zlib and stb_vorbis for ogg vorbis.


  1. Hello, my name is Miguel
    I am interested in your project "jmb tech 2", what is your current status? Do you use a own UI? Do you think releasing the source code?

    Greetings from an amateur 3D ""

    1. Hi Miguel

      I'm still working on the project from time to time, but I have no clear goals where to go with it. Lately I've been re-implementing my old lightmap code, spent some time on getting the raytracing fast enough. My next goals are getting radiosity up and running again.

      The user interface is my own yes. I actually rewrote the UI one or two years ago, so the bright yellow UI screenshots is the old UI. It uses the same OpenGL renderer as everything else. Here is a screenshot of the new UI:

      I don't plan on releasing the code as of now, but it have crossed my mind.